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Dixon's are built TOUGH, just like the fishermen that use them!


One of the riskiest jobs today is crab fishing. Those who fish for crabs are often on the waters for months at a time, fighting potentially rough waters. The goal of crab fishing is to make it back to land safe within a reasonable amount of time with as much crab as possible. In order to do that, crab fishermen need to be sure they have a tough, high quality crab boat on their side. At Dixon’s Marine, we have knowledge of and experience with crab fishing, and we have used these to create our superior crab fishing boats.

Dixon’s Marine crab boats for sale are built tough to survive through even the roughest waters. We use the highest quality fiberglass to create crab boats that are sturdy and reliable. Your performance as a crab fisherman, as well as your safety, is important to us, so be sure to take a look at the selection of completed crab boats here at Dixon's Marine!

Pacific Bully

Pacific Bully

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